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1 review
The food was amazing! The guy who delivered the food was so nice. And I even got the sweetest handwritten note accompanying my order saying that they didnt want to overcharge me for anything (I ordered something without meat because Im a vegetarian) so they gave me a free side of falafel. Just the sweetest and most considerate and generous business everplus the food was amazing! Thank you!!!


Top Reviewer
Holy delicious.
I've eaten here before and having it delivered was the best. Food was delivered very hot, totally correct and huge portions. My delivery guy apologized for the wait even though he was right on time according to grub hub.

Will most definitely order again.


Top Reviewer
Delicious food and fast delivery! This was the best falafel I've ever had, and their feta and sauces are killer as well. Their fries are also way beyond expectations and are both crispy, light and fluffy, and seasoned perfectly. 10/10 will definitely order again.


2 reviews
Excellent food and definitely still warm despite how late it was. Love this place, but would fault GH for the tardiness of the driver... said it would be there at 10:20pm and didn't arrive till 11pm.

Definitely not on Gyroz... they make some fantastic food!!


Top Reviewer
The gyros were filled full. Sometimes you order a gyro and it has a couple pieces of meat and all lettuce and sauce. This was all meat with just enough veggie crunch and flavor. The meat was cooked right, tender, flavorful. I will definitely be coming back!

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4 reviews
Amazing food, nice delivery driver, quick service. Will eat again


1 review
I will order again... Reasonable


1 review
Really good. Great price point

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